Friday, March 6, 2009


RFID: Improving the Customer Experience,
Focuses on One-to-One Marketing in Real Time

Technology Opens Doors for Many Industries to Improve the Customer Experience

Imagine a telephone repairman finding out what's wrong with equipment at the top of the pole without having to climb it. Or a supermarket cart that only offers coupons on the things you like, or a hospital tracking system that never leaves some patients waiting to get out while others wait to get in.

The opportunities for today’s businesses are virtually endless with the rapidly emerging radio frequency identification (RFID) technology – opportunities not only for increased efficiency and accuracy, but for improving the customer experience.

Author Mickey Brazeal explores the possibilities through the eyes of the customer in his new book, RFID: Improving the Customer Experience, now available through Paramount Market Publishing, Inc.

“RFID technology is exploding because it has the potential to solve so many long-standing business issues,” Brazeal explains. “When organizations understand the possibilities the technology holds to improve the customer experience and gain a competitive advantage, the adoption of RFID technology will be rapid and profound.”

From Strategy Magazine
March/April issue
By: Steve Richardson
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