Monday, December 29, 2008


How could RFID have saved thousands of tomatoes from destruction? "Industrial Control/Design Line" ran key ideas from my recent speech, "RFID and the Rise of Convenient Sustainability":

"The government of Hawaii got a well-deserved award at RFID World 2008, for a system of RFID tracking to promote food safety. With RFID tagging of every bin and case of produce, it can be tracked all the way from one corner of a field to the end-user, and then backtracked all the way to the field again, if there is a problem. When food recalls are necessary, they can be swift and small.

They can avoid the massive environmental wastefulness of fiascos like the one the US just went through, in which some people got sick, so we jumped on the tomatoes and threw away fields and fields full of somebody's tomatoes, somebody's irrigated and cultivated and fertilized and harvested and transported tomatoes, and then decided it wasn't tomatoes after all and threw away fields and fields of somebody else's peppers. Sinking tanker ships is not the only way to waste fossil fuels and damage the environment. Food safety regulators, unaided by RFID, can be drunken sailors too."

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Friday, November 7, 2008


Here's what you'll find inside the book:

Chapter 1: Introduction-A Search Engine for Things
Chapter 2: RFID and Relationship Marketing
Chapter 3: Customer Relationship Management with RFID
Chapter 4: CRM 2.0 is Customer Experience Management
Chapter 5: Personal Identification and Privacy
Chapter 6: Asset Tracking Creates New Business Media
Chapter 7: RFID and the Retail Experience
Chapter 8: RFID and the Greening of the Customer Experience
Chapter 9: RFID Authentication and Product Safety
Chapter 10: Admission, Permission, and Tickets
Chapter 11: RFID in Payment Systems
Chapter 12: RFID and Patient Relationship Management
Appendix: How RFID Works

Pictured here are RFID library pedestals in the UK. I hope my book makes it into that library. Since they can make sure it won't be stolen, more people will get to read it.

The title is finalized. The cover design is complete. The footnotes have all been double-checked. The last of the blurbs for the book jacket arrived at the publisher today. Can the book possibly be finished?

I guess it must be so, they're taking pre-orders at

After a full year of writing, I've begun teaching again. But it looks as if more writing is in store for me. I'm considering an offer to write a monthly column on RFID and the Customer Experience.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

At work

Adding final edits to the chapter on technology.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

RFID/Customer Experience book coming soon

Paramount Publishing has contracted for the publication of RFID and the Customer Experience. It's currently in the editing process and will be released in late 2008.