Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Speaking today at the 3rd Good and Green Conference in the Chicago Cultural Center.

Good And Green is designed to teach mainstream national marketers the techniques, benefits and bottom line impact of connecting with today’s ecologically-concerned consumers through green marketing efforts.

Of course, RFID can help.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Packing today, leaving tomorrow, taking more books than clothes.

Prepping for Wednesday's presentation at CRM Evolution 2009, the annual national conference of the CRM industry, held at the Marriott in New York. Premise: RFID makes CRM easy, effective and inexpensive.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Wine Room in Orlando, Florida was hopping on Monday afternoon--and no wonder. An RFID-powered experience lets customers sample any wines they choose.

Here's how: You buy an RFID-embedded card (min. $10), choose from labeled wines at about a dozen wine stations. Slip in your card and you're automatically poured an ounce of wine. The price is deducted. You can sample other wines until your card runs out or you reload it--or you're too loaded to reload.

Brilliant. thewineroomonline

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Check out post by Dr. Alfonso Gutierrez of U of Wisconsin E-Business Consortium on mobile marketing, proximity marketing and relationship marketing sides of RFID. Article

Friday, March 6, 2009


RFID: Improving the Customer Experience,
Focuses on One-to-One Marketing in Real Time

Technology Opens Doors for Many Industries to Improve the Customer Experience

Imagine a telephone repairman finding out what's wrong with equipment at the top of the pole without having to climb it. Or a supermarket cart that only offers coupons on the things you like, or a hospital tracking system that never leaves some patients waiting to get out while others wait to get in.

The opportunities for today’s businesses are virtually endless with the rapidly emerging radio frequency identification (RFID) technology – opportunities not only for increased efficiency and accuracy, but for improving the customer experience.

Author Mickey Brazeal explores the possibilities through the eyes of the customer in his new book, RFID: Improving the Customer Experience, now available through Paramount Market Publishing, Inc.

“RFID technology is exploding because it has the potential to solve so many long-standing business issues,” Brazeal explains. “When organizations understand the possibilities the technology holds to improve the customer experience and gain a competitive advantage, the adoption of RFID technology will be rapid and profound.”

From Strategy Magazine
March/April issue
By: Steve Richardson
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Monday, February 23, 2009


Guest Blogging for 1to1 Media. Here's this week's excerpt (You guessed it, RFID provides an answer):
How about solving this nightmare? Imagine a business in which every item you sell comes in four styles and two colors and seven waist sizes and eight leg sizes and the customer for one of this set of nearly identical items is not a prospect for any other item in the set. Imagine that customers come in every day and move the items around in unpredictable ways. Imagine that each of these items has a full-price lifespan of only about 30 days. Then imagine that, of all the people who are lured into your store by its expensive location, expert marketing and reduced prices, 60 percent to 70 percent go away without finding what they were looking for. That's apparel retailing in the U.S. How do any of them survive?

Customers pick up stuff in one place and put it down someplace else, and it's gone -- unsellable until someone else finds it and puts it back. Customers take a too-small size into the changing room, and that results, more often than not, in a lost sale.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Yesterday I met with the University of Wisconsin's RFID WorkGroup. Wonderful presentations from senior people grappling with all the complexities of making an application keep its promises. Alfonso Gutierrez of the university's RFID Lab runs it. Specifics are confidential, but I came away with a sense that a few people are finding ways to squeeze out enough short-term ROI to keep projects alive even in this disastrous economy. I spoke on marketing applications of RFID and where new marketing applications will come from in the future.

Saturday, January 31, 2009


Andres Botero of SAP provides an insightful overview of RFID's green side. He cites reducing spoilage (EG by monitoring the cold chain), waste, product recalls, carbon emissions, landfill to name a few.

Good memory, too. He talks about pertinent applications from an RFID World speech I gave last fall. He adds that CHEP, a client of SAP's has launched a reusable pallet program.

Friday, January 16, 2009


From the first page of the book, "What would you do if you knew where everything is? Suppose that, as suddenly as Spiderman, you get this superpower: you can know exacly where things are. Whatever things you're interested in. Millions of things."


Today I'm writing my speech for the University of Wisconsin on February 13, '09. Its working title is"Marketing Applications of RFID."