Friday, November 7, 2008


Here's what you'll find inside the book:

Chapter 1: Introduction-A Search Engine for Things
Chapter 2: RFID and Relationship Marketing
Chapter 3: Customer Relationship Management with RFID
Chapter 4: CRM 2.0 is Customer Experience Management
Chapter 5: Personal Identification and Privacy
Chapter 6: Asset Tracking Creates New Business Media
Chapter 7: RFID and the Retail Experience
Chapter 8: RFID and the Greening of the Customer Experience
Chapter 9: RFID Authentication and Product Safety
Chapter 10: Admission, Permission, and Tickets
Chapter 11: RFID in Payment Systems
Chapter 12: RFID and Patient Relationship Management
Appendix: How RFID Works

Pictured here are RFID library pedestals in the UK. I hope my book makes it into that library. Since they can make sure it won't be stolen, more people will get to read it.

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